Service Specials

Brake Service Blowout!
Brake Pad and Brake Rotor Placement


Savings of $105

Replace your worn out brake pads with new Nissan brake pads and improve your braking performance with Nissan brand brake rotors!

Price is per axle. Price is for Nissan models only, some models higher. Using Nissan Value Advantage parts.

Breathe in The Fresh Air with Our Heating/Air Conditioning Special!


Have us replace your cabin air filter and clean out your vehicle’s AC drains to ensure you don’t have to feel those April Showers

Some Models higher. Price is valid on Nissan models.

Time For An Engine Tune Up!


Replace your engine air filter and perform a full fuel injection and induction system cleaning to rid your vehicle of winter-grade fuel and carbon deposits that hurt your fuel mileage and performance.

Some models higher. Price is valid on Nissan models.

Faulkner Service
Our Pleasure with Every Service
  • Premium coffee including Starbucks
  • Premium technology amenities including high-speed Wi-fi and HD cable
  • Premium snack food
  • Car Wash with every service
  • Service with a Smile!